District 6

District 5
September 6, 2016
Chapter 71
September 6, 2016

District 6

d06 mtg IMG_2333OPERS Board Member and Retiree Representative, Steve Toth, responds to a question posed by a PERI member at the District 6 annual meeting.

State Senator Kris Jordan joins District 6 Representative Merlin (Boots) Sheets at the District 6 annual meeting held in Delaware Ohio.


  1. Joyce Thompson says:

    Where are the Medicare updates held for Pike County????

  2. Gilbert Hurwood says:

    I am totally being screwed by OPERS board of directors . They will be totally taking my COLA because I retired in 2012. they are using an out of date consumer price index. When this was put together Prescriptions were not having prices increase over 100 per cent. Please tell me how to get welfare when these changes come in effect. I live in Franklin County, Southwest school District

  3. Gilbert Hurwood says:

    I live in the Southwest School District in Franklin County Ohio.
    I believe I may have to apply for Welfare Thanks to OPERS Leaders because they will taking away my COLA.
    I am on Medicare and Diabetic. Lots of expensive prescriptions. Never thought have to be on relief.

  4. gilbert hurwood says:

    the pension may have squandered the money to Bankers and Wall street brokers. Must be the republican way

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