Reminder to PERI members – Your Membership Renewal is in the Mail!

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November 14, 2016
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February 15, 2017

Reminder to PERI members – Your Membership Renewal is in the Mail!

Attention all members, PERI mailed out your 2017 membership renewal the week of November 14th.  Please be aware that we are using our new logo and refreshed application.  Don’t be confused by the new look.  Additionally, you can now make your membership investment with your credit card by simply filling out the information required and mailing it in as directed.

We are also excited to inform you that your Board of Trustees recently voted to welcome spouses as a new class of PERI members.  We hope you will consider having your spouse join you in supporting all the work PERI does to protect your pension.

2017 may be the most challenging year yet as forces in Congress will undoubtedly be pushing to move public pensions into Social Security.  Rest assured we will work diligently to protect OPERS and the great benefits that are provided to you.

Remember, we are only as strong as the size of our membership.  Our success is in large part a function of our ability to convince our elected officials that they have an obligation to protect your pension.  The larger our voice, the more likely we are to succeed.

You may have noticed an increase in your investment.  PERI has absorbed as much as possible since the last increase in 2003.  That’s almost 14 years!  We can no longer operate and effectively fight on your behalf without upgrading our operations.  We are here for you and promise that with your continued support, we will fight every day to ensure your pension is protected.  This has always been and will always remain our primary mission!

Please send in your membership renewal today . . .  All of us at PERI are grateful for your support!

You can also access the application here.

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