Insurance Companies Mailings

PERI Members Vote Overwhelmingly for Constitutional Changes and Officers
October 10, 2017
OPERS Board Votes to Reduce and Cap COLA’s
October 19, 2017

Insurance Companies Mailings

Open Enrollment begins on October 15 through December 7th, so you will see an increase in material relating to insurance arriving in the mail. Many members have asked how these companies got their name and address and did PERI give out this information. PERI does not give out member information or sell the information to companies seeking it. These companies can make public records requests from OPERS in order to get your name and address for mailing purposes.

While spouses (including surviving spouses) will no longer receive a monthly Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) deposit, they will continue to have access to health care plans through the Connector.

Spouses will remain enrolled in their selected plan until the individual cancels the coverage. Should spouses choose to look into other coverage options, a list of resources are available on


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