Current Legislation

This Legislative update page is designed to keep you informed on possible or actual legislation that may or will have an impact on our pension system’s operation, our pension benefits, or our healthcare benefits. If the Ohio House (HB) or Senate (SB) Bill is highlighted, put your “cursor arrow” on it and “click”. By doing this you will go into the Ohio Legislative Website, where you can get more detail on the Bills. When you are done “click” on the “Back” button and you will be able to return to this page.

PERI is constantly working to make retirees’ desires known to the Ohio General Assembly.


If you call 1-800-282-0253, the operator will be able to tell you the name and phone number of your state Representative and state Senator.

You will need to know your postal zip code plus 4.

You can also locate them by “clicking” on the following:
Ohio General Assembly

The Governor’s phone number is 1-614-466-3555

Click here to send an email to the Governor.



Click on this line to search for any other Ohio House or Senate Bills.




The Government Pension Offset rules (Spouses and widow(er) ) are explained in Social Security publication No 05-10007.

The Windfall rules (worker) “A Pension From Work Not Covered By Social Security” are explained in Social Security publication No 05-10045.

PERI has been waging a campaign for the elimination of the offset provision since 1983. Every year since, proposed legislation to eliminate the provision has ended up in a House Ways & Means Committee sub-committee. That is a nice way of saying that they were ignored because there was not enough political pressure to push the legislation through congress. For our statement before the committee click on the following link:

Statement for the Record: US House of Representatives.

Statement for the Record: US Senate.

There are currently several bills under consideration. You can “Click” on the links below to learn the specifics of each Bill.

The GPO and WEP take away Social Security benefits earned by many public employees. The Social Security Fairness Act would fully repeal these penalties.
Please contact your United States’ Senator, and urge him, or her, to cosponsor the bill.

H.R. 5697  Died in the 113th Session without action.

S. 896  Died in the 113th Session without action.

S.484   Died in the 113th Session without action.

S.3401  Sponsored by Sen. Ted Cruz,  R-TX, introduced 3/5/2020

H.R.3934  sponsored by Rep. Kevin Brady R-TX-8,  introduced 7/24/2019


Ohio Redistricting Commission

The Ohio Supreme Court again on Thursday invalidated the latest version of state legislative districts adopted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission .

In another 4-3 ruling, the court said the groups challenging the maps have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the plan violates constitutional provisions and a new plan must be submitted by May 6, 2022.

The court, however, declined to order other remedies sought by challengers, including imposing maps.

The court ultimately ruled the maps, adopted March 28, 2022 suffer from the same flaw as their predecessors by unconstitutionally favoring Republicans because all toss-up districts were tilted toward Democrats while all Republican-leaning districts were considered safe.

Republican commissioners had admitted the fourth and third map sets were substantially similar, with Senate President Matt Huffman (R-Lima) saying only “minor changes” were made. But they had argued they had no other choice but to tweak the earlier map given the court-imposed mapmaking deadline.