Mahoning County Chapter 18 elects officers

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January 10, 2019
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January 25, 2019

Mahoning County Chapter 18 elects officers

January 16, 2019  PERI Mahoning County Chapter 18, at their December meeting, elected officers for the forthcoming year. Serving as President will be Walter M. Duzzny. President Duzzny has over 28 years in public service, in emergency management, Homeland Security and as local 911. President Duzzny is also a retired Army Colonel and is active in community and service organizations in the area and state.

Also elected was Norma Marzano, Secretary, with the following retaining their offices: Arlene Dechellis, Vice President and Tom Sweder, Treasurer.

Mahoning County Chapter 18 Trustees are as follows;

Joseph Gorman, William Wade, William Carnie, Marilyn Carroll, Ceil Kidd, Ann Louise Babiik, Carol Gonda, Mary Lou Senchak, with Curtis Carter as Chaplin.

Outgoing President and former county commissioner Thomas Carney was presented a gift for his service to the Chapter.

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  1. Tim Zdrale says:

    Dear Mr. Hetrick:

    Please find enclosed a response to my question to OPERS regarding future cuts to our benefits. I wanted to make you aware of their answer.
    I asked about the large unfunded liability and how these cuts should be not affect older retirees who have faced deductions and elimination of benefits.
    Also, this was done on the OPERS webiste and they did not publish it . . .


    Thank you for your feedback, one of OPERS strengths has been the Board and staff’s ability to anticipate and willingness to face challenges early rather than wait for a crisis. While this is the prudent thing to do, it is also the difficult thing to do. Responsible actions often involve change and change is difficult and often unwanted by members. And while change can be tiring, it is important to continue to embrace change to keep the System strong. Since OPERS is a mature plan, we face the challenges of a mature plan. With our larger portfolio, we are more impacted by market downturns, we have fewer active members supporting the unfunded debt, we have only limited ability to make changes to yield meaningful reductions in liabilities needed as we anticipate a membership shift to more retirees than active members, and we continue to struggle to provide financial support to our members for health care. At some point, further reductions in benefits for active members could result in members not electing to participate in the defined benefit plan, which would be detrimental to the plan.

    Thank you,


    Very Respectfully,
    Tim Zdrale / OPERI Lifetime Member

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