Steitz Wins OPERS Special Election for Vacant Trustee Retiree Seat

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March 22, 2018
OPERS Board of Trustees Election
May 11, 2018

Steitz Wins OPERS Special Election for Vacant Trustee Retiree Seat

(April 3, 2018)  OPERS retirees have elected a new trustee to fill the vacancy created by the passing of John Maurer last fall.  Timothy C. Steitz of Powell, Ohio was elected over two other candidates, Ron Alexander of Fairfield County and Charlene Powell of Geauga County.  Mr. Steitz is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).  He grew up in Lisbon, Ohio and graduated from Kent State University (BBA) and the University of Akron (MBA).  He brings more than 25 years’ experience with OPERS and SERS in a variety of investment related positions.  Mr. Steitz election will be certified by the Ohio Secretary of State and by a vote of the OPERS Board of Trustees later this month.  It is expected that Mr. Steitz will be formally seated at the May meeting of the OPERS Board of Trustees.  We are pleased to welcome Mr. Steitz, a member of PERI, to his new role representing OPERS retirees.


  1. Donna says:

    Wonderful news! I hope he can help protect our COLA. As several people have stated, COLA is a vested right, healthcare is not. OPERS claims that cutting COLA will give us better healthcare, but there is nothing to stop them from reducing healthcare benefits in the future. They can do what they like in that regard. We need to stand strong to protect our COLA benefit and keep a watchful eye on the OPERS administration.

  2. Jerry M. says:

    Thanks to retirees for not electing Ron Alexander to this open Opers board seat! I am sure Mr Steitz will do a fine job. There are two more Opers board seats up for election later this year. One of those seats are the Rep. for State employees. That seat is currently occupied by Chris Mabe. He did vote for the C.O.L.A. reduction measure! Retirees need to vote for his opponent! Mabe needs to go! Any sitting Opers board member up for re-election this year needs to go!

    • PERI says:

      In the interest of accuracy, PERI would like to remind everyone that two OPERS board members, Steve Toth and the late John Maurer, both retirees’ representatives, voted to oppose the reduction in COLA. It is true that all other OPERS board members voted for the COLA reduction. Prior to the vote, both spoke eloquently about the need to protect retirees benefits.

  3. Gary says:

    This is good news indeed. Thanks to everyone who shared their knowledge of the candidates by posting on this site to help make this happen.

  4. Jerry M. says:

    I have been doing some research on the opers website. They have not posted any info. pertaining to upcoming 2018 board seats up for election. Retirees need to keep an eye on the opers website as it relates to this info. Retirees may want to call opers in the near future concerning this matter.

  5. Jerry M. says:

    last year, 2017, The opers board seats for county employees and Misc. employees were up for election. Also the board seat for retirees that the late Mr. Maurer held. Those seats are four year terms.

  6. Jerry M. says:

    I found info. pertaining to the 2018 opers board seats up for election this year. If you do a search on the opers website for board changes for 2018, Retirees will find the info. The following seats are up for election in 2018. Retiree Rep. Steve Toth who opposed the c.o.l.a. reduction measure and cast a no vote. Municipal employees Rep. Ken Thomas who did vote yes to move forward the c.o.l.a. reduction measure. College and University Rep. Randy Desposito who as I understand, also cast a yes vote to move H.B. 413 forward. State Employee Rep. Chris Mabe who is also the president of OCSEA voted yes for the c.o.l.a. reduction measure to move forward. The Opers board members who did vote yes on H.B. 413, needs to go! If these board members have opponents, Please consider those candidates.

  7. Jerry M. says:

    Ken Thomas is chair of the Opers board. Chris Mabe is vice chair of the opers board. Just food for thought.

  8. Jerry M. says:

    Randy Desposito was appointed to the board seat that represents college and university employees by the Opers board. After C.J. Latsa retired. More food for thought.

  9. Jerry M. says:

    I hope this info. will encourage people to run as opponents against Ken Thomas,Randy Desposito, and most of all, Chris Mabe.

  10. Len says:

    Remember we have an election coming up for governor. My question is, which of the candidates will be most sympathetic toward the needs of the retirees and in a broader sense to the needs of public employees as a group? Let’s not forget what Kasich tried to do with Senate Bill 5. That could have had devestating effect on all public employees both working and retired. Just food for thought.

  11. Jerry M. says:

    Hi Len, I can can answer that question. Richard Cordray.

  12. Jim says:

    Here is a link to an editorial published in the Columbus Dispatch and written by our other OPERS board member representing retirees, Steve Toth.–make-our-lives-better

    Steve voted against cutting our COLAs along with the late John Maurer.

  13. Jerry M. says:

    On Opers website, There is info. pertaining to the upcoming Opers board elections. Read the info. and start doing research on candidates. It is important which current board members voted YES on H. B. 413.

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