PERI Ballots Deadline

OPERS Proposed Changes to the COLA August 8, 2017
August 8, 2017
OPERS extends COLA survey deadline to Sept. 15
September 1, 2017

PERI Ballots Deadline

Ballots to vote on the 2018 slate of PERI officers and changes to the constitution were included in the 3rd Quarter PERI Perspectives Newsletter that was recently mailed to members. The deadline for mailing in the ballots is no later than September 15, 2017, to be received at the PERI office.

PERI’s goal is to simplify the Constitution.  Although spouses are not specifically mentioned in the new language, PERI continues to support spousal participation through associate membership.  Remember, the Board has the authority to determine membership categories and is always pursuing ways to increase membership.  There is strength in numbers!


  1. John Kaiser says:

    I retired in 2000 and one of the things I was assured of by OPERS was that I would always receive my Medicare Part B reimbursement, we know that was a lie. Then we were told that our 3% cola was guaranteed to remain the same, only those retiring in 2012 and after would see a change, guess what, another lie. I have not had a social security increase since 2014 and that amounted to $8.00 a month thanks to the offset. I only receive 40% of what my social security should be and now you want to take a little more away from me. What is next, cutting you retirement benefits, this is crazy, where will you cut from us next time?

  2. David Semanik says:

    I am in the same category as you!
    The OPERS Executive director Karen Carraher wishes to cut us further, yet she does not reveal her salary.

    When you receive your election ballot remember that John W. Maurer was the only person running in this election that voted against her being nominated as OPERS Executive Director.

    So vote as you see fit, but note the fact that she the one trying to cut our income.

    Also note that the COLA Survey is slanted so as to give you no real choice to leave it as it now is, so follow PREI’s directions as to how to foil this attempt to further cut our retirement income.
    This “Survey” will be used to convince the Ohio Legislature that “we” want this cut.

  3. L. Shoemaker says:

    I agree with John Kaiser. I had 30+ years but was told by OPERS representative that I needed to retire before 2013, to be guaranteed my 3% cola. I had planned to work 2 more years but decided to retire. Loosing spousal insurance was bad enough. I realize insurance isn’t guaranteed, but was told cola was. I thought when I signed my retirement papers it was a valid contract. Doesn’t seem to be the case.

  4. Rick W. Combs says:

    I retired from a state Sheriff’s Office with real time of 37 years service ! I wanted and planned to work 5 more years do to my early retire age of 56 years old .. I was encouraged to retire by 2013 due to a cut and changing of COLA’s and insurance rates and coverage .. I took the advice and now find myself facing another structure change to OPERS , COLA and review of current insurance benefits. Our pension board has bait and switched while attempting more reductions requiring changes in members quality of life .. without the promised 3percent inflation cost factor retired folks will go backward every year ! Get this – OPERS remains the strongest of all state run retirement systems ! Current is on balance equal thru out the next 25 years yet still the pension board encourages more reduction ! I say absolutely NO!

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