PERI Dues Notices for 2019 Are in the Mail

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October 18, 2018
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January 10, 2019

PERI Dues Notices for 2019 Are in the Mail

(December 11, 2018)  PERI Chapters should be aware that there may be several organizations soliciting membership for OPERS retirees during the holiday season.  PERI reminds everyone that we are the only association exclusively representing OPERS members when it comes to protecting their pensions and we have been doing this since 1948.  Also remind them that it was PERI not any other group that was responsible for defeating HB 413 this year.  Our victory protected the 3% COLA for pre-2013 retirees.

We will not advise members on whether there is any value in belonging to these other groups.  PERI annual members will be receiving their membership renewal invoices this week and next.

Please urge your members to renew their membership as soon as possible!  Feel free to have members call us at (800) 247-7374 if they have any questions or concerns.  Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone!


  1. Jerry M. says:

    I am sending in my P.E.R.I. renewal as soon as possible. I have a feeling there will be more confrontations with Opers in 2019. Retirees need to keep a close watch as it pertains to Opers as we move forward. Opers has already said they are preparing to review retiree health care. We do not yet know by what Opers means by review? And who knows if Opers may try to re-introduce a version of H.B.413? Many unanswered questions as we prepare for 2019. Stay Alert!

  2. Donna says:

    PERI dues are the best bargain in town. Thank you for being an advocate for retirees! I agree with Jerry. We must remain vigilant.

  3. Ginny says:

    So true, Jerry. Also, if possible, retirees should give optional funds to PERI to assist in their efforts. Even small amounts will help the cause.

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